about us

the senses launched in 2023.

It boasts a unique appearance, a clean and stylish interior, the best smiles and hospitality, and economical yet professional massage. A massage on a fluffy sofa will heal the fatigue of visiting the ruins, and the best aroma massage and traditional Khmer massage on the bed will lead your body to relaxation from the core. Oh, to add one thing, all the therapists are visually impaired.

how & why we started

With the consistent desire to create a place where everyone can connect with society and make the most of their strengths and shine, regardless of educational disparities or the presence or absence of disabilities, we launched a social business and have been active since 2009.

If you are born with a disability in Cambodia, where the government's safety net is weak, your educational opportunities are drastically reduced, and many of them grow up unable to even learn to read or write. They have few career options, poor working conditions, and low incomes. Tourists look at them and treat them with pity, without knowing their true appearance. As a result, the image is fixed.

Every time I see a scene like this, I feel the urge to cast a small stone. Just like any other store, we have beautiful facilities, modern operations, and professional staff. An organization where it can be said as a matter of course that even though someone has a disability, they are professionals. With this in mind, the " the senses" was born in the fall of 2023. Thank you so much for visiting us today. Please make full use of your senses other than touch, smell, taste, hearing, and sight to experience our wonderful services.

- Founder Ms.TAO

So, what do we do?

First, we are providing a safe work environment: We provide room to stay and transportation to the store for staff who are coming from rural areas. In addition, the free lunch is cooked at our other store and delivered freshly every day for everyone to enjoy.
Second, Investing in education: Donating to Krousar Thmey (a School for deaf and blind children) and providing free vacation training for students through our social team. At TS, a one-hour massage for a guest is donated for one day's tuition fee for a visually impaired child.

it's good is't it ?

Massage will make you feel better, create educational opportunities, and create job opportunities.

This comfy moment creates a small circle of mutual help.